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Kurdish Proverbs

by Yassin Aref

To know a nation you have to read its history, study its culture and understand its situation. One of the goals of my web site is to help you to appreciate Kurdistan – the largest “stateless” nation in the world. We have been denied and ignored for a long time. We are still struggling to find friends and people who will understand us. My hope is that this site will help build understanding. I will be pleased if people learn something good and helpful for their lives from my words. It will mean that I am still living and able to serve people even though I am in prison. Read more on "Kurdish Proverbs"


A Male Sheep Is for Sacrifice (Barkhi Ner Bo Sarbrina)

A Rock Is Strong in Its Place (Bard La Jegay Khoy Sangina) (Bard La Jegay Khoy Sangina)

Bread for the Baker and Meat for the Butcher (Nan Bo Nanawa Goshtish Bo Qasab)

Clear Record (Away Parezi Paka La Imtihan Be Baka)

Connecting the Dots (Kar La Kwf Kawtoa O Kuna La Kwf Drawa)

Extend Your Leg [Feet] on Your Carpet [or] Stay Within Your Limits (Pet Baqad Barakai Khot Rakesha)

Fox (Rewi)

He Is Hunting in Dirty Water (La Awi Lela Raw Aka)

Hypocrites – Men With Two Faces

I Give You a Man’s Word (QSAY PIAW BE)

If Brothers Stand Back to Back and Support Each Other, Only Death (God’s Will) Can Defeat Them (AgarBra Lapisht Brabe Magar Muqader La Lay Khodabe)

In the Face of Force, Philosophy is Invalid (Ka Zor Hat Qawala Batala)

It's Easy by Mouth but It's Not So Easy by Action (Ba Qsa Asana Balm Ba Krdawa Grana)

It’s Still a Goat Even if It Flies (BSHFRE HAR BZNA)

Kurds and Flowers: 3 Proverbs


New Day (Nawroz)

Proverbs from Kurdistan

Repentance for a Wolf Is Death (Tobay Gorg Marga)

Short Rope (Pati Dro Kurta)

Spitting Against the Wind (Tif ba rui bada aka)

The Stone Thrown in the River by a Thousand Foolish Intellectuals Can’t Be Brought Out (Barde Nazan Bikhata Gomwa Ba Hazar Zana Dar Naya)

Things Will End After Becoming Thin and Weak but Wrong, and Aggression Will End After Becoming Thick and Strong (Hamo Shte La Barikida Abretawa Tanha Zulm Nabe La Astoria)

Truth is Hard (Haq Raqa)

We Ignore and Neglect Our People Til They Die (Ema Zido Kuzi Mrdo Parsteen)