Yassin's Songs


“C”, “M”, “U”, “C’”M””U”
See, see, see, me and you
“C” is crazy; “M” is Muslim
“U” why you? Can you ask them?

Make a request, get Pb 8
Then Pb 9, go more ahead
Ten, eleven, twelve and court
Get same answer – you’re denied.

In USA for all this country
People equal living free
Under one God, under one sun
All are happy, having fun

Bring all Muslim here together
Separate them, they’re a danger
They should have no rights whatever
Lock them down and keep forever

Guantanimo, ADX
Baghram, and Abugraib
CMU and other SHU
Are the centers for the pressure.

We claim fighting over sea
For the human's dignity
Behold today’s Democracy
We are equal living free.

*CMU = Communications Management Unit, the specil prison where Yassin is incarcerated.

Note from Steve Downs (1/1/08):
Yassin also sent me the words to a song that he sang for their CMU Eid celebration, using an old Kurdish tune. (He wanted to sing me the song over the phone, but we were cut off). He has apparently gained some fame in the CMU as the "Singing Imam". I have attached the song for your New Years pleasure.


February 5, 2008

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