Yassin's Poems


For decades
Old people are crying.
Youths’ blood is boiling,
For Unity.
Artists draw
Hands holding each other.

The historians
Tell an interesting story.
There are poems and novels
All about Unity.

This fictional Unity
Is clearly a lie.
All the political parties
Claim it as their priority.

They are big companies
Set up for their leaders to make money,
They are advertising
Day and night
Repeated over and over.

For decades this Unity
Like magic - separates
son and father,
brother from brother.

It’s a big seduction
Making everyone blind.
No sense, no logic,
Taking us away from the truth,
It will cover our mind.

It’s so sad
We are tricking ourselves,
Fooling people,
Losing our youth,
Spilling their blood!

Enough please.
Where is conscience, where sympathy?
And our Nation’s dignity?
For how long
Will you be killing each other?
Shedding blood
In the name of Unity.

1993 by Yassin Aref



February 4, 2008

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