Kurdish Proverb


(which means, “The stone thrown in the river by a thousand foolish intellectuals can’t be brought out”)

How many disasters have we seen or gone through, and fools and ignorance brought them upon us? Starting from zero is much easier than fixing and building what is unprofessional, what was made by ignorance—when the foundation of a wall is cracked, it’s impossible to straighten the wall. It’s not right that we see in every nation millions of their scholars and scientists suffering because of what their [nation’s] fools have done. This universe works best as a highly organized system; do not accept corruption or mistakes. Life will be beautiful and will go smoothly when people understand the laws of nature (the basic rules that everything works from) and follow them. Any transgressions of the laws of nature will cost us dearly. These laws are the challenge and guidebook for using this planet. If we follow them, we will enjoy using the planet and it will last for us. If we do not follow them, we will damage our planet and it will become useless for us.

We should not allow ignorant and arrogant ones to destroy our planet. The healing [aspect] of this is that we should never say or do anything until we know it’s right, and that we are doing it in the perfect way. Throwing stones into the darkness [into the river] and waiting for chance, or looking for an accident, takes us nowhere and gives us no future. Anything we get by chance or accident very rarely happens again, but anything we make by following the laws of nature will remain as long as our planet lasts. In Kurdistan, they give an example of how hard it is to fix what ignorant people have done. Someone smokes a cigarette in summer when the grass is dry. So when he finishes [the cigarette], he throws it away without [making sure] it is turned off [put out]. Then the grass catches fire and houses and villages burn down, and thousands of people are not able to turn off [put out] the fire that the fool lighted.

The only way to end and prevent the disasters that fools bring upon us is to not do anything until we know it’s right, and we know why we do it and how we should do it. Those who can’t control themselves, or who don’t want to control themselves, we should control by law.


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February 7, 2009

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