Yassin's Poems

I Am Looking

I am looking for spring
to see trees blooming,
to see our burned land
turn green with flowers,
to see birds
singing for a new life
building nests
making love
bringing a new generation

I am looking for freedom.
I want to see
an end to jail and humiliation,
see the flag, the state,
the map of my nation,
see the end
of the army's occupation

I am looking for my children to grow.
I am eager
to tell them my story
with my people's history,
I want them to understand
what has happened
and why we are in
this current situation

I am looking to see the day
when pens replace weapons,
when philosophers instead of generals
lead nations,
when by mind, not desire,
by heart, not ego,
they will make decisions!

I am looking
to see a new generation
of peacemakers,
justice lovers,
human rights activists
to renew and bring back
the motto and the spirit
of the French revolution:
Liberty! Equality! Brotherhood!

I am looking for mercy,
waiting for God
to wash away people's sins,
clear their hearts,
guide them to live together
like they are human beings

2009 by Yassin Aref

November 21, 2009

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