Yassin's Poems


I am still a villager
Living simply,
Straight and clear.
My hear is always open
For anyone to go through.

Surrealistic dreams
Are not for me
I mean what I say
And I speak with simplicity.
If you love me,
Come close, stay near
And let us live and die together.

To you I am a stranger
Who will never understand
Your rules and boundaries.
In my village people were not loved
Because they could argue
Or talk like a philosopher.
Simple eye contact,
A soft hug,
A warm kiss,
Are the true sign of love,
And the real expression of the lover.

I cannot taste a poem
Nor lecture about the feelings of beauty.
The poetry of surrealistic philosophy
I do not understand.
Its unbalanced words
Make people shun poems
And regard poets as lunatic.

I am still a villager
Returning always to nature
Using simple words
Which paint real pictures.
Between desire and love
There is only this difference –
The first is temporary,
But the second is forever.

2008 by Yassin Aref

September 29, 2008

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