Yassin's Poems

I Am Waiting

I write to her but she never writes back
I call her but she does not answer my call
I love her but I have no way to see her…

I am waiting, still waiting
to see your face, your smile
to hear one word from you
waiting for your heart to be healed

Every day when the sun is rising
I believe you will make my day,
I am waiting to see or hear you
or to get something from you

When I hear birds singing
I feel they are talking to me
I run to open my window
waiting to receive your letter

When I hear winds whistling,
when clouds gather,
I am waiting for your love
to rain down into my heart

In the stars’ eyes
in the full moon’s face
I see your picture clearly,
my hope, my love. Sincerely

turn to me, heal your heart,
I assure you, you are my love,
you are deep in my heart and thoughts,
nothing is able to take you out

By Yassin Aref, May 5, 2008

September 12, 2008

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