Yassin's Poems

No More Clash

i know it’s really hard
what’s happened is very sad
but i want you to understand
you are always in the depth of my heart

this will not take forever
it will end, it will be over
I will come back sooner or later
we’ll be reunited again together

don’t give up, remain strong
stop crying and write a new song
what they did was very wrong
but forgive them, take no revenge

all they took was my body
my mind and heart are still free
never they can separate us
i am with you, you are with me

it’s always been the devil's job
to whisper, make rumors, make people sad
but we have the truth in our hands
along with the power of love and our trust in God

our message is worldwide
justice, peace, and equal rights
East and West together
no more fighting, no more clash


by Yassin Aref

September 12, 2008

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