Yassin's Poems

Poem for Michael Rice

Dear Friend “no revenge” Michael Rice,
I did receive your advice.
I am with you, up and rise
Asking for justice
Shouting for peace.

It’s true
We do not ever wish to see
That history will repeat
Whatever you, and my people,
Went through.

I say to you, this is my pledge,
I am not seeking revenge.
I am against occupation,
I am against genocide,
I am against humiliation,
Anywhere, for anyone
Under any accusation.

My dear Rose *
Your face looks like nergz, **
Yellow and white.
Yellow is your concern about the future of the planet
And the life of all its beings.
Your white beard is the sign
You are standing for peace, sharing, and love
And you will never resign.

Dedicated to my friend Michael Rice.  I write this in inspiration of his picture and letter.

by Yassin Aref, 2008

* Perhaps Yassin is using a metaphor; a rose is a beautiful flower, and Kurds use many metaphors for flowers (see under Kurdish Culture on this site, “Kurds and Flowers”)
** Nergz are the “national flower” of Kurdistan (see “Kurds and Flowers”)

April 26, 2008

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