Yassin's Poems

Speaking the Truth

From the beginning
Unjust rulers always try
To keep the truth from being spoken
And to hide from its sanctifying light

The unjust always know
Whoever understands the truth,
And worships God,
Will never become the ruler’s slave
Or accept humiliation
Serving and guarding the Killer.

Consider the Pharaoh’s magicians
Who found the truth
And believed in Moses
They shouted at Pharaoh,
“Do whatever you want to us!
Cut our bodies to pieces,
Break off our hands and legs,
Cut off our heads,
We have found God!
We will not worship you again.”

Consider the huge fire
That Namrood and his people
Lit for Abraham
After he broke their idols
And refused to worship them.

Consider the messengers of God
And how they suffered
To deliver the divine word
And liberate humanity

Consider the story of Yosif (Joseph)
A handsome young man
Taken by a beautiful Queen
To her tiny room
Where she opened her gown
And said, “Look at me,
I am ready for you.
But if you reject me
I will cry ‘Rape’
And my husband will jail you
And ruin your life.”

And Yosif replied,
“I seek refuge in God.
You can cry out ‘rape!’
You can send me to jail,
But I will never betray
Your husband, who trusted me,
Who gave me refuge
And the shelter of his own house.”

From the beginning of history
To the end of life
It is a natural law
That will never change
Whosoever says the truth
Must be ready for jail
And for suffering
And for sacrificing his life. 

by Yassin Aref, 2007

April 26, 2008

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