Yassin's Poems


Between men and women
Between black and white
Between father and children
Between each and every nation
Between our faith and action
There is the gap

Between Western and Eastern
Between rich and poor
Between art and artist
Between student and teacher
Between brother and sister
There is the gap

Look at a dictionary, bring a map
Point out to me, what and where is the gap?
Between fact and reality, there is nothing
We put a barrier on our hearts
We put a wall in our minds
We narrow our view
We made the gap

The gap is fear, is ignorance
The gap is hate and arrogance
The gap is the devil’s whisper
The gap is misunderstanding
The gap is delusional thinking
We opened the door for the devil
To take away
Peace and joy in our lives

Between our souls and bodies
Between what we hear and see
Between husband and wife,
Even between you and me,
There is the gap
Between me and my soul
Between my heart and mind
Between what I hear and what I see
Between the life and the philosophy
There is the gap
For no reason
The gap is everywhere
For no reason
There is the gap in everything

2008 by Yassin Aref

November 29, 2008

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