Yassin's Poems


From Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama

If you are tired, keep going. If you are scared, keep going. If you
are hungry, keep going. If you want to taste freedom, keep going.
––Harriet Tubman

keep going
do not sleep
the night itself is not sleeping
do not stop
the day is not stopping
moon and sun
day and night
earth and sky
everything in this universe,
our life, our time,
all are running

keep going
you are moving in the right direction
in the path of the beloved King,
Martin Luther, who is waiting
tell him to rest
give him the glad tiding
that we reached his dream

keep going
life is struggling
there is no end
unless we die

keep going
millions of children are waiting
to get food and medicine
every single kind heart
all the poor
all the peace seekers, the justice lovers
they are waiting
looking to you
to change course
to stop the war
to bring back the rule of law
to reduce global warming
to build better relations
between people and nations

keep going:
this the test
the world is watching
what you will do
when you reach

From Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton

why do you stop?
is it honor or dignity,
or a kind of pride
that prevents you from giving me your hand
and working with me?
you did not fail
you already made history
come and involve yourself
for the sake of our nation
for the sake of the Democrats [or: for the sake of democracy]
for the sake of liberation
for better lives for everyone
for a brighter future
for the coming generation,
we all need to work together

2008 by Yassin Aref

September 5, 2008

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