Visiting the Dentist

Visiting the Dentist

Yes, after two weeks of severe pain, especially in the night which sometimes I used to get out of my bed and keep walking in my cell, time came to call me to see the Doctor.

It was 11-1-07. They took me there, because we are special they don't take us in the regular hallway, they use the basement - - it was flooding.

Usually I can't smell [the basement] but it was more stronger that whatever we can think of. My shoes were full of water . . . when we reach there I remember the time when I used to visit a city from my village! The clay used to be all over my clothes and my feet and socks giving bad smelling wouth out to have any extra clothes to wear!!

People was hoping I was not visiting them!

But, thank God, the doctor was kind. I told him sorry the basement was full of water that was why my feet and pants were wet! But the Doctor said no problem and he had me sit on the chair. The nurse came in and look at my mouth! The Doctor told her to take pictures of all my teeth which she did.

When the pictures came out, the two nurses had a lot of fun and good time to Laugh and Laugh over when they look at the picture! Every single tooth of mine make people to Laugh! None of my teeth are straight. In front, I had two extra teeth! and the rest, none of them is on the same line! But, more funny one is the two last one . . . I don't have any wisdom, but they called wisdom teeth. They are completely siting behind the line making the second line. Even the Doctor was not able to hide his laugh from that! I asked why are my teeth coming out there? He said because they don't have enough room in the first line!

So, what do I do with them, I asked.

Its better to pull them out, he said.

So, do it for me, please, I said.

No, the Doctor said, we can't do it now.

The Doctor looked at hte pictures of my teeth and said I had an infection on the bottom cheek! But, I said, the pain is in the top one, I said.

Which one, he asked?

The second from the back, I said.

He looked again and siad no, its the last one. It has a hole in it, he said.

You are going to fill it for me? I asked.

No, the Doctor said. He can't do that, it would take too much time!

So, what do I do? I asked.

The Doctor wanted to give me some pain reliver and send me back to my cell (for crying and walking at night).

I said if you don't fill it up for me, so pull it out!

The Doctor loved my idea and said, Are you sure you want to pull it out?

If you do not fill it, then yes. Its hurting me. I said.

They brought me the paper and I signed. In less than five minutes, he showed me my tooth and the small hole in it. I thanked him and the Doctor said tell no one it was easy to see him because he didn't want more customers!

I lost one of my teeth, but I am happy because otherwise I was off of everything - reading, hand ball and writing letters. I used to hold my mouth and walk! The problem whey you asked them I have too much pain, they don't believe. They think I exaggerate because I want to see the Doctor. When in the unit, the nurse check my teeth, he was on phone I told him please, if you don't put me on the emergency list, it will take two or three weeks until they call me and I have a lot of pain. I can't wait that long. He looked again at my mouth and he spoke back on the phone. He said I claim I have too much pain but he can't see it!! I told him thank you for making me a liar and I came back to my cell for two week. I was taking 800 MG of ibuprofen four times a day and still crying for the pain, but the nurse can't see my pain.

I believe he was right because he did not see it! The hole in my tooth was in the root of my tooth and he looked at the top of the tooth!

Please don't worry any more. I am fine now and since they pull it out I have no pain!

Yassin Aref, 11-14-07


May 27, 2008

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