Kurdish Proverb

Clear Record

  All we should look for is happiness and joy, peace and tranquility, honor and dignity––this is normal. Otherwise, without them there is no meaning to being human, and there will be no test for one’s life. Each of us may have a different understanding of joy, dignity, and peace because of our ideology and way of thinking or because of our culture and background––but I don’t think anyone can deny that we need these. The Kurdish advice for you to reach them is
which means, “whoever has a clear record and has done nothing wrong will not worry about trials [tests, difficulties].” Whoever has done his job perfectly doesn’t care about inspection, whoever has committed no crime isn’t scared to go to court.

Those who live like this keep their records clear because they have done nothing wrong. They have peace in their minds, tranquility in their hearts, and they are happy and strong spiritually in all situations. It’s always true that in a time of corruption and unjust rulers, many innocent people who keep their records clear become victims––they may go through many difficulties, but they will remain happy, strong, and have peace in their hearts because they know they have done nothing wrong.

Physically, those things that bring the body joy––food, drink, sex, good care, a nice house, a lot of money––are good and helpful, but none of these can bring real joy to our hearts, not even all of them together if someone gets them in the wrong way! Peace of mind and joy in the heart are the fruit of faith and doing right––if [things that bring the body joy] are not from those two sources, they will be temporary, and usually they will end in sadness and feeling sorry. The way of happiness and peaceful sleep is to clear our hearts from hating and our deeds from being wrong. Doubt and fear will take the rest [repose] out of our lives, and the best way to overcome them is to keep our records clear.

In my country and in many Middle Eastern countries, there is no “bell of right,” and no one can feel safe, even those who have done nothing wrong. Mostly they are victims, not real criminals. It’s true that in the time of corruption and racism, many innocent people will be victims, but still, those who have done nothing wrong are happy, even if they have gone through a lot of difficulty. Their bodies may be in pain, but their hearts are full of joy! Their bodies may be in jail, but their minds are free, and there is no test any sweeter than the test of suffering and pain for the sake of truth and justice.

Posted April 26, 2008


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May 5, 2008

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