Kurdish Proverb

Short Rope

            “Rope” in Kurdish proverbs has many meanings: someone uses it to reach his goal, or it is any course for getting what we need. I believe the reason [it is used so often] is because life is like climbing a mountain, and we need to go up to reach Paradise, and we should have something strong to hold onto; if we don’t, we can never become successful.

In this proverb, the Kurdish advice for us is that we should never lie, or think we can get any benefit from lying, because
which means “the rope of a lie is short.”

            It’s short because even if it works and you get some [short-term] benefit from it, it will be very short and will not last. Truth is powerful and will overcome a lie sooner or later, but no one can gain from a lie. Before it harms anyone, it will harm the one who told it, and will destroy his heart and peace of mind, and he will end up with sadness and regret when the truth comes out. This is why Kurds say, “the rope of a lie is short,” because it will not make you reach your goal, and it doesn’t remain forever. Any of us, if we look around, or at ourselves, and think about the end of this [end point of a lie] that people have been holding onto––this kind of rope––what has happened?

  1. How many end up in prison?
  2. How many have been murdered?
  3. How many have been destroyed, and lost their families?
  4. How many have lost their minds and gone insane in regret and sadness over their lie?

This universe will not last; only the truth will last. Anything else will end up as a disaster and will break up the family and community. It’s wrong for anyone to benefit from a lie, and it’s ugly when people do this in a courtroom to destroy people’s lives or to benefit themselves. Living by principle and saying the truth may give us trials [difficulties] and cost us some headaches, but certainly in the long term a lie will cost us more! Especially if we add in how it affects our mind’s peace and our heart’s tranquility. Let nothing deceive you, and stay firm; do not believe you can gain anything by doing wrong and telling a lie. Remember that “the rope of a lie is short.”

Posted April 26, 2008


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May 5, 2008

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